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A solar power system can help you save money now. State rebates, tax credits and free financing can minimize your up-front investment.
To get started now, please complete the form below so we can begin your free evaluation to determine if your home or business is a candidate for a solar power system. If you don't want to fill out the form, please email  us at sales@floridasolarenergy.com
We conduct your initial solar evaluation by analyzing the following factors:
  1. Roof orientation and the geographic location of your property
  2. Electrical usage - electric bill analysis
From this initial evaluation we can determine if your home, business or property is a candidate for a solar power system. A representative will contact you to provide information, answer your questions as well as set an appointment for a site evaluation.
  * Required. We value your privacy, see note below.
First Name *
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Zip *
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* We will need to talk with or memail you to begin your free analysis. Your phone numbers and email address will not be shared or rented. If you do not wish to give us this information, please email us at sales@floridasolarenergy.com
We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information we collect about you for the purpose of evaluating if a solar electric generator is right for you and will not disclose or sell it to third parties.
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